Help the Blockchain Achieve Escape Velocity

I saw Joe Lubin speak about Ethereum at an event in late August.

I didn’t know who he was. What I noticed most of all was how patient he was answering question after question from people after his talk.

It makes sense to me now where that patience comes from after watching his keynote fro the recent Ethereal SF event. His vision for the Blockchain, Ethereum, and the “venture-production studio” he founded called ConsenSys, is both deep and broad.

Clearly, the Blockchain, tokens, and cryptoeconomics are animating so many people right now becasue it’s literally allowing us to create a better Internet, redefine money and assets, and potentially engage everyone and everything in a new type of value exchange.

And of all this in a world that badly needs it.

Personally, I keep looking for the key elements of the Blockchain and its tokens so that we can help it take off and achieve “escape velocity.”

When you hear Joe talk at Ethereal SF, in the video below, these elements become vividly clear. He talks about

  • Building a future consisting of decentralized economic, social, and political systems
  • Why it’s valuable and necessary to enfranchise all of the people on the planet
  • By building a global society of ubiquitous stakeholders, people’s lives will be grounded in something they care about
  • From that base, people can build their own future, which builds our collective future

And in the second half he talks about unfreezing capital, how organizations of all kinds are working together to build a shared infrastructure, how governance is poised to radically change, and why this all leads to an economy that creates much more value more quickly.

It’s a low key but fascinating keynote that points to a blueprint of this rising “Internet 3” and tokenized economy. It’s just 24 minutes long and well worth putting down your phone and watching!


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