Hi, welcome to my blog about the world-changing technology called the blockchain.

Wake Up Blockchain is a blog about what happens when community, blockchain, and AI are connected and fully integrated. This blog is a contribution to that effort.

In my view, blockchains, and the cryptoassets that go hand in hand with them, are the next wave of the Internet, will remake the global monetary system, power novel, critical new applications, and benefit millions, even billions, of people.

Blockchains with cryptoassets are communities. And AI will make these decentralized communities smart and contextually aware in surprising ways. So when I say “blockchain” it’s really shorthand for “community blockchains/crypto with AI.”

In order for people-powered communities riding on smart blockchains to “wake up” in this way, we have to ask questions like “What do we want them to be?” “How do we sustain a level playing field?” and “How do we create a defensible moat so these decentralized communities achieve critical mass?”

It won’t happen on its own. We have to work together to make them real and available to everyone.

My name is Brooks Jordan. I live in Oakland, CA with my wife and son, where I do business development for a small but mighty consulting company called Social Edge Consulting, which empowers people to create community and reinvent business using community platforms.

You can connect with me through: